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Growing and Care of Calla Lily Flowers

Zantedeschia hybrids – Growing calla lily Indoors: Light: Bright, indirect light during the growing season. They dislike direct sunlight. Water: Keep potted and blooming plants constantly moist. Give it a brief resting period, then repot in late winter into fresh soil and begin watering again to encourage new sprouts. Temperature: On the warm side during …


Trumpet Lily Bulbs Mixed, Set of 3

Bold, 6″ flowers in assorted colors are trumpet-shaped and truly majestic. Linear, glossy green leaves are arranged in whorls or spirals up tall stems. You’ll bring brilliant color and fragrance to the landscape with this easy-to-grow Lily Mix. Perfect for borders and naturalizing�gorgeous, perfumed bouquets are an additional benefit, not to mention loads of visiting …